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Prime Marine has over three decades in the offshore industry utilizing our patented technology to effeciently and safely cut piles in any location - offshore and onshore. Since our inception, safety and client success has been our number one goal. Unrivaled, cutting edge pile cutting equipment with a comittment to safety while being on-time and on-budget is our promise to you.

Prime Marine Prime Cutter

The Prime® Pile Cutter: The World's Safest & Most Powerful Pile Cutting Technology

Cutting edge, patented pile cutting technology with an unbeatable record for safety

Our Prime® Pile Cutter has been used in hundreds of pile cutting projects on a global scale for over three decades. Our Prime Cutter has been an integral part of pile cutting jobs done by some of the biggest companies in the world: BP, Exxon, Chevron and more. The speed and efficiency of our cutting shears cutting concrete and other types of piles including concrete and steel, is unmatched in our industry. 

Using the Prime Marine Prime Cutter offers our customers distinct advantages over using other tools or companies in the offshore decomissioning and pile cutting industry. These are our Prime Advantages:

  • Safety: Our patented tech provides the safest severance solution on the market.
  • Economical: Less time on job - cuts are made faster & fewer personnel are required
  • Simplicity: Less additional equipment is needed on jobs

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Partner with Prime for Safe & Efficient Pile Cutting Solutions.