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Bring exceptional tools to the job with our Prime Pile Cutter in Broussard, LA

If you're a marine contractor trying to gear up for your next major project, partner with Prime Marine Services, Inc. We provide a wide range of severance solutions for platforms, pipelines and other structures. All our equipment has a focus on safety and efficiency, and we'll make sure you're fully prepared for your project.

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The benefits of our Prime Pile Cutter

If you're looking for the right equipment for your cutting job, you need to speak to one of our team members. We've developed our incredible technology with the marine contractor in mind. During development, we focus on:


make sure you and your crew stay safe while on the job


our top-of-the-line technology will help you work quickly and effectively


our cutter's design has a limited amount of moving parts, reducing downtime from repair work

How a marine contractor can help you

You need to have the right equipment for any large-scale project. Not only do we provide the equipment you need, but our experienced team can also help you determine the right equipment for your job. Each of our team members knows the ins and outs of:

Our proven cold cutting technology provides an economical and quick solution for demolishing steel, timber and concrete piles. We also rent barges and TOYO pumps. If you're interested in our Prime Pile Cutter, call 337-837-6500 today.