Toyo Pump

The DP/TO is a pump and excavator in one.

The design incorporates the patented Toyo agitator, attached directly to the pump shaft, which together with the closed impeller, large open passages and heavy duty shaft/bearing configuration. In applications where solids are especially difficult to pump, or simply where more agitation is required, Toyo offers a special high pressure jet ring.

This combination of jet ring and agitator have proven to be a truly effective 'agitation team', together pumping solid concentrations of up to 70% by weight.


Technical Specs

Pump Model TOF-50B-ADeep Water
Description Imperial Metric
Discharge 8 inches 203 mm
Head  49' 15 m
Capacity  212 ft/min 65 m/min
Max Solid  2.4 inches 61 mm
Motor Model: F12-110 F12-110
Max Pressure  1,085 lb/inch 75 bar
Capacity:  110 cc/rev  
Est. Weight 2,036 lbs 924 kg

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