Railroad Demolition

36 Inch Cut

When Railway bridges need to be removed in the railroad business and it needs to be done quickly, the Prime cutter is the answer.

Prime Marine Services is prepared to partner with you to gain value from the demolition of metals from decommissioned railway projects, dismantling of end-of-life structures, and recovery of transportation infrastructure, such as railroad rolling stock and rail.  We can dismantle and remove the bridge and make 80 – 200 cuts a day, depending on positioning and materials to be cut. The work can be done with one crane, one operator, one helper and can cut any piling, either timber, concrete, or steel.

Our dedicated team is familiar with identifying the Guidelines for preparation of Bridge Demolitions and removal plans of the BNSF Railway. With our own fleets of shear cutters plus a network of Hydraulic Power Units, we have been involved in recovering steel and nonferrous metals from a variety of demolition rail projects, rail decommissioning and bridges, and abandoned rail rights-of-way.

Prime Marine Has the Knowledge & Expertise You Need

When tearing down a structure that spans a body of water, it is important to consider both the safety of the process as well as the possibility of any environmental impact. Prime Marine has both the knowledge and experience necessary to mitigate these potential risks. 

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