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Prime Marine Services, Inc. offers the world's most powerful, most efficient and yet,"The Safest" cutting edge technology on the market, The Prime® Pile Cutter.

Prime® technology features a line of hydraulic pile and pipe cutting shears with six pile cutting models ranging from 3″ to 70″ capacity. Our unique patented cutting tool has the added advantage of a having a gated hydraulic shear that encompasses the object being cut.

The gated hydraulic shear increases safety and efficiency – a feature our competitors can’t offer. In addition, our pile cutting technology has a 100% success rate on all severance projects that Prime Marine Services has performed. With zero incidents, The Prime® Pile Cutter is an unbeatable alternative to conventional cutting techniques.

The Prime® Pile Cutter was designed to address the many safety and environmental issues faced by the offshore decommissioning industry. Our technology is an ideal cold cutting solution that allows our customers to achieve Excellence Offshore due to our Prime Advantages. Prime Marine Services, Inc. is located in Broussard, LA but works worldwide!

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Partner with Prime for Safe & Efficient Pile Cutting & Offshore Decommisioning Solutions.

Prime Advantages for Pile Cutting

Versatility:  A single blade working from one side completes the cutting action – providing the ability work in confined areas underwater. Cuts can be made above or below water – in any angle or position, vertical or horizontal. Capable of cutting single or multi-string conductors (grouted or non-grouted). Capable of cutting materials including concrete, steel, and wood.

  • Safety: Our technology provides the safest severance solutions on the market utilizing diver-less operations.
  • Simplicity:  Provides highly reliable cutting with a limited number of moving parts. Eliminates the need for equipment including jack hammers, air compressors, blasting equipment, cutting torches and diamond saw cutting.
  • Economical: Reduces barge and service equipment time. Cuts are made faster and fewer personnel are required for the cutting operation.
  • Productivity: Once the hydraulic cutter is in position, with the push of a button, the cut is made within a matter of seconds thus, requiring only a few personnel.

By choosing the Prime® Pile Cutter, you’re opting for the best of all worlds. Increased productivity, reduced project time, with minimal overhead is every project manager’s dream.

“No Shear, No Glory”